Kai Whitney – A trading expert and more

September 06, 2018
Kai Whitney is a Wall Street veteran. His years of experience working for some of the highly reputable financial institutions had made him one of the trading experts not only in the United States but in the world. Right after graduating from the University of California in 1994, Kai immediately began his Wall Street career. He was fortunate enough to work with the best financial institutions in the world such as the Swiss Bank, UBS, Phase II Capital, Bear and Stearns, Sungard, and the likes.

His Wall Street career was doing great that he was entrusted with some of the most crucial decisions. He always comes up victorious and that has significantly improved his portfolio. It has gotten to a point where he finally decided to come up with his own company that specializes in helping others learn the ins and outs of the trading business. He built the Redbridge Capital Consulting Company (RBCC). It is a bespoke consulting firm that teaches people how to trade profitably and confidently.

Kai Whitney sells trading services as well as financial advice to people who want to improve their financial portfolio. Kai and the rest of the people from Redbridge Capital Consulting have vast knowledge and experience in handling various types of trading platforms. If you are searching for the best trading information and advice, then you can surely find it in Redbridge Capital. Some of the areas of expertise of Kai Whitney includes risk management, thoroughly examining the portfolio, and helping your business flourish regardless of the current socio-economic condition.

What sets Kai Whitney apart from the rest?

You probably have come along many people who claim that they are the best in the industry but they can’t even show proofs of their professional record. Kai Whitney is different from the rest because what he teaches is based on his years of experience working with the best financial institutions in the country. In fact, his impressive trade record of three million settlements per day is enough to show to you that he really has what it takes to mentor aspiring traders from all walks of life. He is not just a trading expert. He is an expert in multiple disciplines. He will introduce you to various banking topics like pension plans, insurance companies, private and public financial institutions, and so much more.
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